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This is an unofficial wiki created for fans of the long-lived server known best as "aRO"! Pages are locked to prevent future edits until further notice.

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aRO Wiki News

18 November 2012
I am altering navigation to point mostly/entirely to the aRO website and forum links. I expect some links may break depending on what happens to site navigation. This will be packed up for another time! =)

08 November 2012
Update: That's it for now. I will work on NPC and quest templates next. Once they're put together, I'll start adding Pumpkin Festival NPCs and quest information to the wiki database. After that will be cleaning up the monster categories like I did with items today, then I will start working on organizing category pages. Might make a category template to make things uniform.

Adding in more monsters and items from the current server event. I'll postpone fleshing out beginner/intermediate information since AnesisRO does not have advertisement set up to draw in players as of yet. Players, if any of them want to use this resource while waiting for the official wiki, are probably more interested in event information right now. Another quick look at the navigation menu gave me some new organization ideas. I hope it facilitates browsing when I am done.

05 November 2012
The Pumpkin Festival 2012 has hit! I will gradually add pages relating to this over the next few days while the event is in effect. I was going to add a guide page, but the announcement posts tend to give instructions well enough that I do not believe it will be necessary. I may just make a rewards page instead. This kicks off our monster database and seasonal event categories!

31 October 2012
Happy Halloween!  I'll get back to work tomorrow Monday.

30 October 2012
I've added some more content to pages and added new page stubs to fix broken links for everything under the "General" navigation tab up to the "Guides" subsection. I'm thinking of renaming that subsection so it won't get mixed up with the "Guides" tab, perhaps "Starter Guides". My only concern is that there might not be enough room in the subsections tab. We'll have to see. I plan to flesh out the "Guides" subsection pages tomorrow and then move onto the "Questing" pages. I really need to consider categories.

29 October 2012
I'm going to fill in more pages and tweak the navigation menu more. I want guides to be listed as one of the main headers, different types of guides in the second level of the menu bar, and then list different jobs and guides in the scroll-over drop-down menu (i.e., "On the Wiki"//"Navigation"//"Guides"). I'll have to see what it looks like if I add another tier to the current navigation menu first. I'll also look into fixing up the community portal a bit if I get around to it after all of the page filling.

28 October 2012
Fan wiki is up. I'm copying pages from the old AnimusRO wiki and will be going through to reformat and edit them within the next few days. I plan on making a huge number of pages, possibly including various item pages and such. I'd like to make this more comprehensive than the last official wiki for the server. I'm hoping our official wiki will start to blossom within the next few months and be easier on the eyes than our last one. We can have this unofficial wiki until that happens.


About AnesisRO

"Anesis" can be pronounced "ANNE-ess-iss," "uh-NEE-sis," or "AH-ne-SEESS." It refers to "a relaxation" and is a term used in various fields, such as music, literature, and medicine. It can be interpreted as "relief of tension."

AnesisRO is the most recent incarnation of a server most recognized as AnimaRO. The current server owner is GM Adrift. If you previously had an account on AnimaRO, AnthemRO, or AnimusRO, it's still here and your characters are safe. You may need to create a support ticket to retrieve accounts from back when the server was called AnimaRO.

Server Rates: 5x/5x/3x

WoE Times: Wednesday, 4:00 - 6:00 PM CST (GMT -6), Saturday, 9:00 - 11:00 PM CST (GMT -6)



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